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Biggest surprise: Naked on roller skates. Yesterday I made Fideua de Pato with ajos tiernos and it was the perfect wine!!! The present roughness and acid really complemented the powerful tastes of ajos and complemented perfect the duck taste. I use the duck fat for frying, so it's a quite heavy dish but no problem. Powerful syrah, nice acidity to take on all the tastes!

Martin P

False Bay Chenin Blanc – there's a lovely floral aroma, magnolia and white rose, with a slight citrus element, some blanched almonds and, although perfectly dry, a slight understated honeyed nuance. It's fresh with a super lick of acidity and the faintest hint of lemon/lime zest. I loved it and wish I could reach for a glass now!

Colin H

Very happy with the Aussie Shiraz and the Croze Hermitage. It really is a treat to be able to get hold of these wines.

Anna N

Sunday we opend the Fromm Pinot. Very elegant, but its hard to not compare it to the Felton Road, if you do maybe the fromm is lacking a bit of character. But the Fromm is more pinot classic and the Felton just something special, pinot taken to another level. But since they probably are in diffrent price brackets the comparasion is not fair. Maybe to advise the buyers of a minimun 30 min in decanter, we got a whole other (better) wine after decanting!

Martin P

Particularly enjoyed the Cape Heights Chenin Blanc from the Discovery Selection - very reminiscent of other excellent wines we drank when visit the Cape a few years ago. Ah, happy memories. Also enjoyed the Australian Marktree Cabernet Sauvignon, again with family connections - Aussie bbq with my sister in nearby Balllarat and other good wines from Victoria. Look forward to more!

Frank R

I liked both the screw tops! Keep me posted

Eliz G

Yes loving the wines we bought from you


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