A chilled glass of Prosecco can be enjoyed at anytime or any place. This Italian Sparkling wine is made from the glera grape in the Veneto region of northern Italy.  It is made by firstly fermenting the grapes slowly at a low temperature, to preserve the fruit aromas and flavours.  Then a second fermentation takes place inside sealed stainless steel tanks where the carbon dioxide is trapped inside the wine forming natural smooth bubbles.  At The Wine Place we have a selection of different Proseccos for you to choose.  Order now and enjoy a glass of one of our Proseccos.

Fiabesco Prosecco Treviso DOC NV

Origin Fiabesco Prosecco Treviso DOC NV is a classic sparkling wine of northern Italy, made with grapes from the hillside vineyards in the Treviso region, using the Charmat method, whereby the wine is allowed to ferment in a steel autoclave, achieving...

Stelle D’ Italia Prosecco

Origin A classic Italian sparkling wine. Prosecco grapes are harvested from vineyards near Venice and pressed gently to make a high quality and freshly acidic must. Style A refreshing and light sparkling wine with a delicate lemony and pear character...

Via Vai Prosecco

Origin The company was established in the nineties by the Furia Family in Valgatara in the heart of the Veneto region. Over the years, it has rapidly developed becoming one of the landmark producers for premium quality Prosecco. Style A...

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