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Tesch Krone Riesling

Origin Tesch has been family owned and run since 1723. Today the estate is managed by Martin Tesch is regarded as one of the most innovative wineries in Germany. The estate has 18 ha. of premium vineyards around the villages...

TESCH Riesling ‘Unplugged’

Origin Martin Tesch, a great rock music fan, believes that Riesling needs no amplfication; therefore he describes this as Riesling ‘Unplugged'. Weingut Tesch, has called the Nahe home for 11 generations. The estate has a total vineyard holding of 18...

TESCH Queen of Whites

Origin Weingut Tesch Weingut Tesch is one of Germany’s most exciting producers. This is the 11th generation of the family producing wines in the Nahe region The estate has a total vineyard holding of 18 ha, in vineyards in the...

Paulinshof Riesling Urstück Trocken

Origin WEINGUT PAULINSHOF is located in Kesten on the Central Moselle in Germany’s famed Mosel wine region. The origins of wine production at Paulinshof date back to 936AD but since the mid-1960s, Paulinshof has been owned and operated by the...

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