Tain ‘Les Hauts du Fief’ Crozes Hermitage, France

    Cave de Tain
  • BLEND:
    Rhone, France

Tain ‘Les Hauts du Fief’ Crozes Hermitage

The quality of individual parcel selection shines through this top-quality Crozes.

Dark fruit and liquorice on the nose with perfumed new oak. The palate has more dark fruit, blackberries and soft spices and is still young with grippy tannins and will develop well over the next 5 years. Definitely a step up from standard Crozes.

In the words of Robert M. Parker Jr, : “Wine lovers often turn up their noses at coop wines, but Cave Cooperative de Tain-l’Hermitage has consistently made progress and is unquestionably one of the better run coops in southern France.”

The objective of the Cave is to provide wine lovers around the world with authentic wines which bear the full character of their individual ” terroir”, bringing out the best through careful and non-intrusive vinification methods.

Serve with red meat and game such as pheasant.