Renato Guerra
  • BLEND:
    Merlot 100%
    Maule Valley, Chile

Manatura ‘Espera’ Merlot

Each year in Spring on Easter Island they wait the arrival of the Manutara, a sacred bird. The waiting (ESPERA) sometimes could take several weeks, demonstrating the passion, perseverance and commitment of the island men.

Manutara vineyards has 197 hectares spread across the Maule Valley in Chile, from the Andes Mountains to the shores of the Pacific Ocean. Different types of microclimates and soils can be found in this valley allowing the development of many different grape wine varieties.

It is notable for its bright ruby red in colour, on the nose this wine exhibits lifted notes of plum and black cherries, with slighter cocoa, pepper, coffee and toasted sweet oak hints. In mouth, this wine presents an excellent structure, with plenty of fruit and superb tannins. Long, pleasant and elegant ending.