Humberto Canale Estate Pinot Noir

    Humberto Canales
  • BLEND:
    Pinot Noir
    Patagonia, Argentina

Humberto Canale Estate Pinot Noir


Humberto Canale Estate Pinot Noir is from Patagonia in Argentina.  In 1909 the winery was founded by an engineer who gave the winery its name. Four generations later Guillermo Barzi Canale is managing the business.

Patagonia provides a very different Argentinian wine style for those raised on the heat of Mendoza: at 39 degrees of latitude, with sun-filled days and cold nights, the High Valley of the Rio Negro gives wines strong on finesse and aromatic character.


This wine has an attractive garnet colour. On the nose there are notes of spice and candied fruit with nuances of fresh red berries such as strawberries and cherries. Its ageing in oak is emphasised with a smoky vanilla aroma. In the mouth, it is delicate in body, with soft tannins and ripe red fruit flavour and a long persistent finish.

Food Match

A juicy magret, grilled medium-rare, spare-ribs on the grill, full-flavored fish in rich sauces and pastas.

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