¿Qué vinos pegan con una buena carne?

Red Wines for Meat


per case
to your door

Red Wines for Meat Selection

  • Case of 6 bottles
  • 2 bottles of each wine per case
  • Wines from France, South Africa and Argentina

The wines in the selection are:

Boutinot Les Coteaux Cote du Rhone –  Grenache Noir (garnacha), with a little Syrah, this wine is as near to being hand made as possible.  Lusciously fruity with a touch of complexity from the French oak barrels.

Le Riche 'Richesse' Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot, South Africa – Classically Bordelaise blend Restrained but appealing on the nose with typical red fruit aromas of plum and cherries are balanced with a touch of oak.

Tesoro de los Andes, Mendoza, Argentina – The nose offers an appealing, mixed spice, bramble fruit bomb followed by dark, damson and savoury overtones on the palate with a smooth and rounded finish, perfect for a BBQ.



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