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Mark O´Neill

There isn’t much that he hasn’t done in the world of wine. He was Sales Director for one of leading wine distributors in the UK and travelled the world sourcing wines.  For the past 18 years he has has lived Valencia producing wines in several Spanish regions.  Mark has the WSET Diploma in Wine Studies and writes a weekly wine column in El Mundo, one of Spain’s leading newspapers.

When did you start getting into wine?

When working as a waiter in London, Dorchester Hotel among others, it was fun to taste some decent wine that I couldn’t afford and from there got into the wine business.

Best thing about your job?

I am lucky, I have two roles one working with Spanish wineries producing wines for export and the other, The Wine Place working with my network of contacts worldwide to bring really good wines here to Spain.

Favourite dinner party guests?

Oscar Wilde, Margaret Thatcher,  Titian, Charles Dickens, Gandhi

Favourite City in the world?


Something about yourself that you really don't want to tell us?

Don’t know, ask my kids

What expression do you say a lot?

I am told that I say ‘Jesus Christ’ and ‘Bloody Hell’ and ‘Bollocks’, quite frequently

Favourite bands?

Rickie Lee Jones, Van the Man, World Party, Blue Nile, Bruce, Bon Iver

Where would you rather be now?

At this moment I would quite like to be playing golf at El Saler.